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Everyone has a story to tell. Mine is probably similiar to many who were introduced to Shaklee. My Shaklee story began when I taught elementary school. I remember coming home from school so tired I had to take a nap on the couch before I could even think about preparing dinner.

I remember sharing my exhaustion with another teacher. She invited my husband and I over to their home to share the Shaklee products. I am so thankful she did. I am not sure what my health would be today if they had not taken the time to share Shaklee's effective Nutritional supplements with us.  After trying them I remember being amazed at how good I felt...more energy, more stamina. This became so easy to share with others.

After shaing them with others my husband and I decided this would be a great business to begin so I could stay home with our children. It soon replaced my income and also my husband's engineering salary as well.

Shaklee has given us the time and the freedom to enjoy our family  without having to do the day job. For that we are so thankful. We also were able to enjoy dream reward trips that Shaklee has offered each year.

Are  you or anyone you know in finding more freedom in their lives? Then make sure you got to this page and view this brief video.


                                                                                   Sixty Two Years Young & Enjoying it,

                                                                                    Caroline Heinemann